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Tattoo Removal In Brisbane

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brisbane tattoo removal clinicAre you tired of your tattoo? Perhaps you would want to change your ink and trade it for a better one.  Well, you’ll be glad to know
tattoo removal via laser is now a safe and quick process. . There are factors to consider and they are very important if you wish to have your tattoo removed permanently.

The color of the tattoo ink and the density and surface area of the inked part of the skin all play a big role in safe tattoo removal treatments. These factors also dictate the length of time and the number of sessions it takes to totally remove the tattoo ink from the skin. These things should be discussed with your treatment professional because they are trained to safely and effectively remove your tattoo.

Tattoo Removal via Laser Treatment

Tattoo removal by laser is considered to be one of the safest and most effective procedures when it comes to the removal of tattoo and it also yields impressive results. Our highly trained specialists are utilizing the safest and most advanced technology for tattoo removal. 

How Does It work?

tattoo-removal-brisbaneThe laser light is gauged to a therapeutic level before it penetrates the skin and break apart the tattoo ink into microscopic fragments before for the body to stat to eliminate from the body.

After the procedure and when the tattoo ink is finally broken down to fragments, it will then be evacuated from the body through the immune system. Depending on the type of ink used for the tattoo art before, its removal may call for more than one treatment. 

A local topical anesthetic is used to pacify the resulting discomfort. There are reported instances of darkening or lightening of the surface of the affected skin, but this is normal skin reaction which usually only takes a short while to return to normal. A little bit of redness or swelling can be noted in the area although it will subside afterwards very quickly. You will be prescribed with sunscreen with a high sun protection factor to protect the skin during recovery time until it returns to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tattoo Removaltattoo removal tips pre & post treatment

Aside from a little stinging sensation from the initial treatment, no significant discomfort can be felt during the tattoo removal procedure.

For people with darker skin, laser tattoo removal may not be advised for you because the skin may manifest an unsightly whitening which is often referred to by medical practitioners as the ghosting effect. You will need to consult with your dermatologist first to determine which treatment procedure is best for you. 

How long is it between Treatments?

Each treatment package depends on the extent of tattoo inked in your skin but the usual time lapse would be a treatment every four weeks, for 6-10 sessions. Be sure to call and make a booking with our Brisbane tattoo removal clinic.